11.0 Registering Devices

The process of registering devices includes installing the ZENworks® Agent on devices and then registering the devices against a ZENworks Server. During installation of the ZENworks Agent software, the device is automatically registered as long as you (or whoever is installing the software) supplies the IP address or DNS name of a ZENworks Server in your Management Zone. You can also register devices at a later time.

NOTE:If you plan to update Dell PowerEdge servers using Dell Update Packages, we recommend that you mirror the packages from the Dell FTP site before installing the ZENworks Agent on the managed PowerEdge servers. You can also mirror the packages after installing the ZENworks Agent on the managed PowerEdge servers but before registering them in the ZENworks Management Zone. Mirroring the Dell Update Packages prior to installing the ZENworks Agent or registering the servers in the Management Zone ensures that all Dell model numbers are loaded into the database, the standard reports are run as the servers register, and the Dell Update Packages exist in the ZENworks package repository. For more information, see Section 23.0, Using Dell Update Package Bundles.

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