6.1 ZENworks Agent (zmd)

The ZENworks Agent is named zmd. It is sometimes referred to as the ZENworks Management Daemon (zmd).

The ZENworks Agent performs software management functions on the ZENworks managed device, including updating, installing, and removing software and performing basic queries of the device's package management database. Typically, these management tasks are initiated through the ZENworks Control Center or the rug utility, which means you should not need to interact directly with the ZENworks Agent.

The ZENworks Agent is installed to the following directory:


For SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 10 (SLES 10) and SUSE LINUX Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED 10) devices, the ZENworks Agent is located in the following directory:


6.1.1 ZENworks Agent (zmd) Cache Settings

As the ZENworks Agent (zmd) performs its duties, it maintains a cache that stores the content of bundles that are downloaded for installation on that managed device. You can control the age of contents in the cache and its size by using cache settings. Cache cleanup is enforced on both client startup and refresh.

If the process of downloading the bundle is interrupted on the managed device, the zmd starts the download of individual packages from where it was left off.

The cleaning of cached information is always enabled. You can configure the following settings using the rug set command in the rug utility to manage the cache. For more information about the rug utility, see Section 4.4, rug.

Table 6-1 ZENworks Management Daemon Cache Settings




Defines the number of days the contents of the cache are retained, after which the contents are deleted. The default is 30 days. If this setting specifies 0 days, the cache content never expires.

The cache cleanup is enforced on client startup and refresh. The contents of the cache are sorted by date (oldest to newest) and deleted by applying the max-cache-age setting, starting with the oldest content.

To change the max-cache-age setting from the default of 30 days to 60 days, for example, you enter the following command from the managed device:

rug set max-cache-age 60


This setting is only enforced at cleanup time; not during bundle download. The default is 300 MB. If this is set to 0, there is no limit to the size of the cache; however, the max-cache-age setting still applies.

If the cache size exceeds the maximum size specified with this setting, the cache contents are sorted by date and the oldest contents are deleted until the cache size is within the specified size limit. If this size limit is exceed while downloading bundles, the bundle contents are downloaded; however, the next time the device restarts or refreshes, the cache is cleaned until its size is within the specified size limit. The cache cleanup process will not delete files downloaded within the last 24 hours to get within the specified limit.

To change the cache-max-size-in-mb setting from the default of 300 MB to 500 MB, for example, you enter the following command from the managed device:

rug set cache-max-size-in-mb 500