9.5 Device Ports

By default, the ZENworks Agent listens on ports 2544, 5950, and 5951. The ZENworks Server listens on ports 80, 443, 998, 1229, 1521, 5432 (PostgreSQL), 5505, 5506, and 8089, and also uses certain ports for eDirectory™ services.

9.5.1 Agent Listening Ports

The following table explains the services available on the Agent ports.

Table 9-1 ZENworks Agent Listening Ports and Services


Used For


  • Triggering device refresh actions from the ZENworks Server

  • Deploying bundles and immediate install schedules

  • Sending agent registration requests to the ZENworks Server

  • Checking the health status of the ZENworks Agent


  • Remote Control and Remote View


  • Remote Login

9.5.2 Server Listening Ports

An external ZENworks agent uses only port 443 to directly communicate with the ZENworks Server, but the server also uses other ports for other services, as indicated in the following table:

Table 9-2 ZENworks Server Listening Ports and Services


Used For


  • Redirecting secure HTTP requests or Web service requests to the ZENworks Server for services like agent registration to the server, or bundle or policy installation on the agent.

  • Enforcing the device settings from ZENworks Server to the ZENworks Agent during refresh.


  • Redirecting HTTP requests to the ZENworks Server.

  • Redirecting HTTP requests in ZENworks Control Center to port 443 by default.


  • Imaging by the novell-pbserv service.


  • Communicating UDP packets to the SOAP server.

  • Communication between the primary server and secondary server for content replication actions.


  • Communicating with the Oracle 9.2 database server.


  • Communicating with the SOAP server running on the ZLM server for service modules like the server module, policy manager module, and settings module.


  • Communicating with the SOAP server:

    • rcmirrordistribution SOAP service during content replication

    • File browser SOAP client service when browsing the image file path on the server through ZENworks Control Center

    • Zenloader refresh SOAP client for refresh queue actions on the ZENworks server


  • Communicating with the PostgreSQL database server.


  • Used as a receiver port during inventory roll-up from ZENworks Control Center.

  • Used by the primary server (as a distributor) during content replication.

The ZENworks Server uses specific eDirectory ports. Refer to the following table to understand the services of these ports:

Table 9-3 eDirectory Ports used by the ZENworks Server

eDirectory ports



Used by LDAP TLS / SSL


Used by LDAP TCP


NCP™ request TCP port that is used by ndsd process


SLP request port that is used by the slpd process


iMonitor listens on the TCP port for HTTP requests


iMonitor listens on the TCP port for HTTPS requests