16.0 Registration Troubleshooting Strategies

The following section provides solutions to the problems you might encounter when using Novell ZENworks Linux Management Registration services:

The Device Registered Date column in the device registration reports might display a future date

Source: ZENworks 7.3 Linux Management; Registration.
Explanation: The Device Registered Date column displays a future date when compared to the date on which the device was registered to the server.
Action: Set the date of those devices that are registered with a future date to the current date:
  1. Connect to the PostgreSQL Server’s zenworks database as a PostgreSQL user by entering the following commands in the order listed:

    su postgres

    psql zenworks

  2. Run the following query to set the date to the current date:

    update zen_device set added_date = 'current date' where deviceguid in( SELECT deviceguid from zen_device where added_date > NOW() ) ;

    You must specify the current date in the format ‘yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss’.

  3. Disconnect from the PostgreSQL database by using the \q command.

  4. Exit the PostgreSQL session by using the exit command.

Error receiving message:Unknown response message from server, status: CancelSignal

Source: ZENworks 7.3 Linux Management; Registration
Explanation: The error message is displayed when you delete a registered service by using the zmd command.
Possible Cause: When you start the zmd service, all its underlying modules might not be completely initialized to allow deletion of the requested zmd service. You should delete any registered service after the rug ping -a command is successfully completed.
Action: Do the following:
  1. Restart the zmd service.

  2. Run the rug ping -a command.