Press Release

Novell Announces UnixWare Compliance With X/Open Standard

XPG4 Brand Guarantees Compatibility For Customers

San Jose, CA -- March 6, 1995 -- Novell, Inc. announced today that UnixWare 2, the general purpose application server for business-critical and database applications, has completed another milestone as an industry-standard solution by becoming branded with X/Open Company Limited's XPG4 Base Profile Brand, certifying full compliance to the specification.

XPG4 is the latest standard within the X/Open XPG specifications, an evolving portfolio of application programming interface (API) standards and protocols that are supported with an extensive set of conformance tests. These components form the basis of the Common Applications Environment (CAE), X/Open's framework for building an open computing system. Companies that comply with the specifications set forth by X/Open are awarded the Certificate of X/Open Branding for their products, assuring customers who see the X/Open brand name logo that the products are compatible with each other.

Compliance with XPG4 reinforces Novell's commitment to satisfy customer needs. "XPG4 compliance will make it easier and faster for developers to port applications to UnixWare, lowering the cost of software development," said Don McGovern, vice president of Novell's UNIX Systems Group (USG). "This will accelerate the growth of applications available on UnixWare, which already number more than 3,000. Customers can trust UnixWare as the best application server to run their business-critical applications, knowing that it is compatible with any XPG4-branded UNIX product on the market."

"Novell's support of the X/Open XPG4 standard makes it even easier and faster for us to develop applications for UnixWare," said Yogesh Gupta, senior vice president of product strategy, Computer Associates. "The XPG4 certification provides us with a competitive advantage by shortening the time to market. Coupled with UnixWare's market-leading price/performance, power and ease of use, this announcement makes UnixWare an even more attractive platform for development."

UnixWare is the next generation of UNIX System V Release 4 (SVR4) technology, a platform for popular commercial applications developed by UNIX System Laboratories (USL) that has been evolving for more that 20 years. In 1993, Novell acquired USL to ensure availability of a proven, reliable UNIX application server to complement the market-leading NetWare network operating system.

In 1994, as a step in its efforts to unify the UNIX market, Novell turned over responsibility for licensing the UNIX brand name to X/Open, a not-for-profit international consortium dedicated to the advancement of open systems.X/Open defines the specifications that system vendors must meet in order for their products to be branded as UNIX. Customers who see the UNIX brand can be assured that the product is compatible with other UNIX products.

Novell's UNIX Systems Group (USG) develops and markets the UnixWare family of computing solutions. UnixWare is a powerful, cost-effective UNIX operating system that runs on industry-standard hardware, ideal for deploying business-critical and database applications across the enterprise. It represents the newest generation of UNIX System V Release 4 technology, originally developed by UNIX System Laboratories. By combining unmatched applications availability, price/performance, scalability and network-readiness, UnixWare provides an application server businesses can trust.