Press Release

Software Publishing Leaders Turning To Novell's Envoy

Orem, Utah -- June 5, 1995 -- Novell, Inc. today announced that several leading software publishers are implementing Novell's Envoy technology into their product offerings, further solidifying Envoy's position as the leading portable document solution. The growing list of companies includes Caere Corporation, Corel, Information Access Company, The Digital Foundry, Inc. and Ziff-Davis Interactive.

Novell's Envoy is a portable document solution which allows users to easily distribute and view electronic information--regardless of application or platform. Envoy consists of two parts: a document publisher and a document viewer. While only Envoy owners can publish an Envoy document, the viewer is available free.

"Success in the portable document market requires free document viewing tools that are widely available for users to publish their content, as well as collaboration with industry partners," said David Harkness, product marketing director for Novell's electronic publishing tools. "By integrating Envoy with solutions from our industry-leading partners, as well as with our own products such as the PerfectOffice suite, Novell is building a huge base of Envoy publishers."

Caere Corporation

Caere is shipping the Envoy driver in its market leading optical character recognition software, OmniPage Pro 5.0. "OmniPage Pro converts printed pages to electronic format while retaining the document's original layout, including both graphics and editable text," said Karen Melchior, product manager at Caere. "With Envoy, our customers can easily view, print, and annotate these documents from any system, without creating large files that consume additional amounts of disk space and network bandwidth."


Corel is using the Envoy software developer's kit (SDK) to create a custom viewer for displaying Envoy files on several titles in its new line of CD Home multimedia and educational titles. The first title to incorporate Envoy, called the World's Greatest Classic Books, will be available in June.

"We chose Envoy because it handles bitmaps extremely well and it is portable," said Carrie Dobson, spokesperson for Corel. "Envoy enables us to display titles in an easy-to-read and user-friendly format."

The Digital Foundry

The Digital Foundry is shipping CD's for Creative Labs and WordPerfect On-line Access that use a custom viewer built on the Envoy SDK. In the case of Creative Labs, Envoy documents are used to replace the paper manuals for all the CD titles that Creative Labs bundles with its multimedia upgrade kits. For On-line Access, users can access, search and print documents while remaining on-line. The Digital Foundry has also created an Envoy Visual Basic/Visual C++ control (VBX) which allows for the rapid development of custom Envoy viewer-based solutions. The Digital Foundry is using the Envoy VBX to integrate Envoy documents in electronic catalogs and CD-ROM magazines.

Information Access Company

Information Access Company (IAC) is shipping a custom viewer built on the Envoy SDK with their ComputerSelect CD product. The Envoy SDK enables IAC to include infographics such as diagrams, charts and screen shots.

"For our graphics applications we needed speed, scalability, compact file sizes and high-quality results on users' screens and printers," said Gary Ellis, director of product development, Information Access Company. "Envoy was the only product of its kind that met all our requirements."

Ziff-Davis Interactive

Ziff-Davis Interactive is using customized Envoy viewers built on the Envoy SDK to display infographics-like technical diagrams and screen shots in the company's many products and services. "Envoy is currently being used in our Support-on-Site products and CD-ROM databases of multi-vendor technical support information," said Jim Savage, vice president of product management, Ziff-Davis Interactive. "Envoy makes it possible to display the technical diagrams included in the databases."