Press Release

UnixWare 1.1.4 Electronic Update Release


SUMMIT, NJ --June 19, 1995-- UnixWare 1.1.4 update release is now available electronically and soon will be available through fulfillment centers in 90 days. UW1.1.4 is the fourth release in a series of updates for UnixWare 1.1, and is available on the Novell FTP Servers in both North America and Germany. It soon will be available as a diskette set or on CD-ROM through the standard Novell fulfillment channel. A shipping and handling fee is charged for the update obtained through the fulfillment channel.

Targeted features and quality improvements of this update release include: multi-function parallel port drivers, modified lp drivers and video drivers; release notes documentation; UnixWare supported CD ROM drivers - HBA and update 1.1.3 supported CD ROM drivers. All of these features and quality improvements are available for and applicable to the English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish versions of UnixWare.

This cumulative update for UnixWare 1.1 may be used to update any UnixWare 1.1 system prior to this release and including UW 1.1, UW1.1.1, UW 1.1.2 and UW 1.1.3. The update process checks for any previous releases and proceeds accordingly.