Press Release

Novell Announces PerfectWorks for Windows® 95

PerfectWorks Takes Full Advantage of Windows 95 and Increases Users Productivity with Quick Access to Tools and On-line Services

OREM, Utah --August 24, 1995 -- Novell, Inc. today announced the development of PerfectWorks for Windows® 95, the latest integrated software package for the home and small business. The product, scheduled to ship by the end of the year, increases users productivity by taking full advantage of Windows 95 and giving users quick access to commonly used tools. In addition, users will enjoy the benefits of on-line integration through PerfectWorks one-click access to America Online (AOL).

PerfectWorks provides the necessary tools for the home and small business user with powerful, yet easy-to-use word processing, spreadsheet, database, paint and draw modules. The Windows 95 version lets users take full advantage of the operating system with descriptive long file names and OLE 2.0 support to drag and drop elements between PerfectWorks and other applications. Tab dialogs are used for quick access to PerfectWorks tools and functions.

"With the growing interest of our users going on-line, we provide them simple, one button access to rich content and information through America Online and the Internet," said Sam Yee, PerfectWorks product line manager at Novell. "By integrating our unique tools such as Quicken SE, Grammatik, CallerID, and QuickCorrect with this on-line connectivity we are continuing to provide a complete solution and excellent value for our customers."

PerfectWorks focuses on helping the user work faster with one-click Toolbar access to commonly used features like creating envelopes, annotations, labels, headers, footers and footnotes. In addition, PerfectWorks uses tab dialogs to give users quick access to PerfectWorks' modules, templates and the most recently opened documents. Users will also enjoy quick access to AOL's commercial on-line services through the tab dialogs.

PerfectWorks' CD-ROM will integrate an AOL starter kit, giving users quick access to the most popular on-line service in the world, plus 10 free hours of on-line time for new users of AOL. PerfectWorks will save users time by bypassing the entry and checking of the user's password. Users will also be able to customize their entry point into AOL to quickly get to their most important on-line information.

PerfectWorks has been made popular by its added value features and that trend continues with PerfectWorks for Windows 95. Users can increase their productivity by taking advantage of PerfectWorks CallerID module to screen and log incoming calls, Grammatik to check documents for grammar and style, QuickCorrect for correcting misspellings as they happen and an integrated version of Quicken SE to get users started organizing their personal finances.

PerfectWorks for Windows 95 also creates a logical upgrade path to PerfectOffice for users who may want or need full-fledged business applications suite. PerfectWorks provides users upgrading to PerfectOffice with a similar looking interface, icons and features. Users of PerfectWorks will also be able to save their files as WordPerfect or Quattro Pro documents as well as several other popular software file formats like Word, Ami Pro, Excel and Lotus 1-2-3.

Pricing and Availability

PerfectWorks for Windows 95 will be available by year's end. Pricing will be announced at a later date. Users of WordPerfect Works, PerfectWorks or the new PerfectWorks for Kids will be able to upgrade to the Windows 95 version directly from Novell. PerfectWorks for Windows 95 will be available from computer superstores, retailers and warehouse clubs or directly from Novell at (800) 451-5151.

System Requirements

Required: 386DX processor or above, double-speed CD-ROM drive, 6 MB RAM, VGA Monitor, mouse and a modem to use the communications capabilities in Windows 95.

PerfectWorks is part of Novell's PerfectHome brand, which also includes such products as Hard Evidence: the Marilyn Monroe Files and will soon include PerfectWorks for Kids for Windows 95, a playful set of word processing, drawing, painting and graphics tools due out in November.