Press Release

Novell and Spire Technologies Announce WordPerfect 5.1+ for OpenVMS/Alpha Systems

Another Addition to the Cross-Platform WordPerfect Solution

OREM, Utah -- Sept. 12, 1995 -- Novell, Inc. and Spire Technologies, Inc. today announced WordPerfect 5.1+ for the OpenVMS/Alpha platform. The new product allows users to take full advantage of the best-selling word processor running on one of the fastest platforms available. WordPerfect 5.1+ for OpenVMS Systems offers the same robust features and file compatibility as WordPerfect 5.1+ for VAX, as well as file compatibility with versions of WordPerfect on other platforms.

"The release of WordPerfect 5.1+ for OpenVMS is a continuation of Novell's commitment to provide businesses with a multi-platform standard for word processing," said Mark Calkins, vice president and general manager of Novell's business applications. "WordPerfect remains the only viable word processing solution for today's heterogeneous computing environments which can include Windows, DOS, Macintosh, UNIX, and OpenVMS."

WordPerfect has been officially recognized by Digital Equipment Corporation as the word processor of choice for VAX and Alpha platforms running OpenVMS, as well as the ALL-IN-1 environments, filling the gap left by the recently retired WPS-PLUS word processor. Special pricing is available for WordPerfect VAX users moving to an Alpha platform.

WordPerfect 5.1+ includes the ability to integrate text and graphics, spreadsheet capabilities, an equation editor, a powerful macro editor, tables functionality, the new WPS-PLUS keyboard emulation package and more than 1,700 typographic characters. The product supports the latest printer drivers including the new HP LaserJet 5.

Spire Technologies has managed the development, marketing and support of Novell's VMS products since June 1994. Spire has also worked with Lotus Corporation since May 1993 to develop Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.1 for the OpenVMS/VAX and OpenVMS/Alpha platforms.

"We have been fortunate to have many of the original VMS WordPerfect programmers on our OpenVMS/Alpha development team," said Jeff Webster, director of product development at Spire Technologies. "With a talented development team, we have been able to create a product that is incredibly fast for users of the Alpha platform who demand high performance."

For more information about WordPerfect 5.1+ for OpenVMS/Alpha, OpenVMS/VAX or the ALL-IN-1 environments, customers can contact Spire Technologies at (801) 226-3355 or via the Internet at