Press Release

HP, Novell and SCO To Deliver High-Volume UNIX OS With Advanced Network And Enterprise Services

Base Created for Next-Generation Business-Critical Computing

NEW YORK, New York --September 20, 1995 -- Hewlett-Packard Company, Novell, Inc., and The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (SCO) today announced business relationships designed to deliver a high-volume UNIX# operating system with NetWare and UNIX enterprise services. The three companies will work together -- each focusing on its core strengths -- to release a series of merged UNIX products that will provide customers with a clear, evolutionary path to 64-bit networked computing on the HP/Intel architecture. As a result, customers will be able to take advantage of a high-volume UNIX operating system that runs on standard hardware platforms and integrates their current desktop, workgroup, and enterprise networked environments -- protecting their investments while ensuring access to new technologies.

HP, Novell and SCO recognize that the next wave of computing will require the integrated capabilities of a robust enterprise operating system and rich network services, available through high-volume channels. These new relationships will accomplish the following: * Novell will provide its market-leading NetWare services that are essential for integrating high-end enterprise environments with workgroups and PCS; * SCO has purchased the UnixWare business from Novell and will consolidate its SCO OpenServer system and Novell's UnixWare into a merged high-volume Intel-based UNIX operating system that provides interfaces in common with HP-UX. SCO will leverage its proven ability to bring high-volume UNIX to market; * Novell will work with HP to produce a high-performance implementation of its NetWare Directory Services (NDS) and File/Print Services for HP-UX, and integrate NDS with DCE; and * HP will lead and drive the 64-bit UNIX operating system for the HP/Intel architecture, resulting in the combination of the 64-bit HP-UX and SCO Intel-based operating systems.

"NetWare, UnixWare and SCO OpenServer are all robust offerings on high-volume Intel-based platforms," said David L. House, senior vice president of Intel's Enterprise Server Group. "The combination of these capabilities, along with HP's expertise in the 64-bit arena, should be a welcome solution for UNIX ISVs and users."

As a result of these relationships, customers will gain the following benefits: * Better access to corporate data -- from the integration of NetWare services and UNIX; * Wider choice of applications and development tools -- from existing HP-UX, SCO OpenServer and UnixWare solutions; and * Faster development of new applications -- from the common interfaces that enable developers to provide new functionalities faster.

"By combining HP's and Novell's respective strengths in enterprise and networked computing and SCO's proven volume distribution channel for its UNIX operating system, we will continue to deliver effective commonality in UNIX," said Willem P. Roelandts, HP senior vice president and general manager, Computer Systems Organization. "By forging these relationships, we are providing a common environment that meets customer requirements for a networked computing architecture spanning the virtual data center from desktop to enterprise business-critical servers."

"Working with HP and SCO to focus on our respective strengths and consolidate our overlapping efforts creates unparalleled new opportunities for our customers and partners. By standardizing on Novell's networking services, our customers benefit from having a greater level of consistency on their networks, reducing their cost of ownership and simplifying their ability to deploy cost-effective application servers. Our partners benefit from a new level of consistency, allowing them to focus on providing value-added capabilities never considered before. HP will take the lead in UNIX technology; Novell will take the leadership role in network services; and SCO will lead in creating technology required for volume channels. We expect this relationship to result in an unprecedented selection of network services, applications, development tools, and channel support on the Intel-based UNIX platform," said Bob Frankenberg, Novell chairman and CEO.

Alok Mohan, SCO president and CEO said, "UNIX is the leading business-critical operating system server for large and small businesses today, and this relationship provides SCO OpenServer and UnixWare customers with a reliable and innovative platform for future growth. HP's technology leadership will ensure the continued success of UNIX. Organizations can integrate their network services and enterprise systems while protecting their substantial investments in hardware and application development."

According to Richard French, Oracle's vice president, Intel UNIX Products Division, "This relationship will create a standard, high-volume UNIX platform for business-critical computing that is very attractive to Oracle and should be to all application developers. Oracle, and other software vendors, will be able to deliver products to customers faster, reduce costly porting and tuning efforts, while spending more time optimizing software functionality and adding specific added value for customers. Additionally, this relationship will reinforce the recently announced initiative by all UNIX suppliers for a 64-bit UNIX."

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