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Novell Enhancing "Yes" Trademark Program

Developers and end-users benefit from standardized certification requirements, synergy with DeveloperNet and new "Yes" product categories

OREM, Utah -- February 20, 1996 -- Novell, Inc., today announced it is enhancing and standardizing its "Yes" trademark program by providing a single method for third-party hardware and software developers to qualify for a "Yes" logo from Novell. Novell will replace its existing "Yes, It Runs" and "Yes, Tested and Approved" programs with one unified program, simply called "Yes."

Previously, only those partners applying for a "Yes, Tested and Approved" trademark had to undergo current lab certification requirements. Now, all partners applying for the Yes trademark must pass stringent technical requirements that remain consistent within each product category -- hardware, NLM software and client software. Yes Partners are also now required to fulfill new business requirements, including being a member of DeveloperNet, Novell's comprehensive developer relations subscription program.

"The enhanced Yes trademark program identifies products that add value and synergy by leveraging Novell's network services to meet customer solutions," explained Gary Mueller, vice president of Novell corporate developer relations.

Partners will receive the Yes trademark for their products in one of four categories -- NetWare, GroupWise, ManageWise and Telephony. For a product to receive a Yes trademark for NetWare, it must be compatible with NetWare 4.x.

"The new requirements provide benefits to end-users of our partners' products by ensuring them that the product has been rigorously tested to work optimally with Novell products," said Mueller. "They also benefit our developers by helping them address potential compatibility problems early enough in the development cycle to avoid costly changes later, as well as by giving them a clearer understanding of what they must do to receive the Yes logo."

Yes Partners will also benefit from the new business requirement that they be members of DeveloperNet. A DeveloperNet subscription serves as the primary communications channel for delivering tools, information and help to developers creating and optimizing applications that utilize Novell's network services and products and enable the Smart Global Network that spans from workgroup LANs to the Internet.

Novell's Yes Partners will discuss the certification and business requirements and co-marketing opportunities of the Yes program at Novell's Yes Partner Summit, Feb. 20-22 in Tempe, Ariz.

"Yes" Trademark Certification Requirements

All products submitted to Novell for the Yes logo must be tested under a set of standard certification and business criteria. Testing must be performed by Novell Labs or by a Novell-approved third-party testing lab.

For hardware developers, products must meet the certification requirements established under the former "Yes NetWare Tested and Approved" category of the Yes program. Software developers must follow Novell Labs' established requirements to certify products, use the APIs appropriate for communication with NetWare, and use NetWare Client and/or NLM test tools from the most recent available files that are officially published by Novell.

There will be a 180-day transition period for partners whose products have a "Yes, Tested and Approved" or "Yes, It Runs" trademark to fulfill the business and certification requirements for the enhanced "Yes" trademark.

Novell's Yes program was created in 1992 to help customers easily identify and purchase third-party hardware and software products that are compatible with Novell products and services. There are currently approximately 4,000 products that are eligible for the "Yes, Tested and Approved" trademark and 2,000 that are eligible for the "Yes, It Runs" trademark.

In a Yes awareness survey conducted by Ziff Davis in October-November 1995, more than 81 percent of NetWare buyers surveyed believe that the presence of the Yes logo is highly important when planning to purchase networking products.

Yes Partners are eligible to participate in a number of co-marketing opportunities with Novell, including access to Novell sales channels; partner advertising; branding; and event participation, such as Yes Partner Pavillions at major industry tradeshows, where third-party developer products are showcased.

The cost of acquiring a Yes trademark from Novell depends upon the certification testing service level offered by Novell and the product being tested.

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