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Novell Files Lawsuits Against Two Resellers

Novell Claims Companies Guilty of Fraud

OREM, Utah -- March 4, 1997 -- Novell, Inc. announced it has filed two lawsuits in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against L.G. Company and Super Resources. The suits allege copyright and trademark infringement by both companies.

Novell's suits maintain that L.G. Company and Super Resources fraudulently obtained Novell upgrade products in order to turn them around for resale to unknowing end-users. The scheme involves the companies using previously upgraded NetWare serial numbers to receive upgrade products.

Novell's complaints allege that Super Resources and L.G. Company then sold the upgrades to other resellers or end-users that were not entitled to use the upgraded product because they were not a prior licensee.

Novell became aware of this problem when Novell's internal database red flagged some of the upgrades as duplicates. Novell's product tracking database has features built in to track this type of fraud.

Ed Morin, Manager of Novell's Anti-Piracy Group, said "Using our intricate product tracking system, we were able to trace this product back to the company named in the suit. We will not sit idly by while companies defraud the public. Novell will continue to aggressively protect our sales channel and our end- users. We urge anyone to call our anti-piracy hot line if they suspect they might have been defrauded in one of these schemes."

Novell has established an anti-piracy group and telephone hot line for reporting illegal use of Novell software or making related inquiries. Call 1-800-PIRATES (800-747-2837) or send e-mail to

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