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Six Arrests Made In Swedish Bulletin Board Bust

Illegal Novell Software Seized In Raids

On 6th May 1997 following months of undercover investigation by Novell's European Anti-Piracy Group, Swedish Police executed five dawn raids and made four arrests in Kalmar. As a result of evidence found during the initial raids, police executed four further house searches and made two additional arrests.

The raids and arrests were connected to the operation of a Bulletin Board System codenamed 'Another World'. Novell investigators had ascertained that the System Operators were advertising over 380,000 Kronor worth of unlicensed Novell products, along with commercial software from other Business Software Alliance (BSA) members, to anyone with a connection to the Bulletin Board.

The Swedish Police Computer Crime Unit seized an extensive collection of computer hardware and illegal compilation CDs. The six individuals arrested were held in custody while the seized equipment was examined for further evidence. Anders Fast of Baker& McKenzie (Solicitors) said "If convicted each individual could face a prison sentence of up to 2 years and/or a maximum fine of 150,000 Swedish Kronor."

Stefan Kronqvist from the Swedish Computer Crime Unit commented, "The initial raids went as planned. Additional information found led to further house searches bringing the total number of arrests to six. This investigation is further proof of the high level of software piracy in Sweden. We are committed to continue to address this problem."

Anders Brismo Novell's Nordic Area Manager said, "IntranetWare users rely on a stable networking platform and qualified support from Novell's trained reseller channel. The use of illegal software provides neither of these. Illegal copying and distribution of our software, poses risks to our users and deprives our local channel of revenues. For this reason, Novell is committed to working with local law enforcement groups to eradicate software piracy. Any user who believes that they may have been sold an illegal copy of NetWare or IntranetWare can receive assistance by calling our Anti-Piracy Hotline on 020-353030.

Martin Smith Novell's European Licensing Manager commented "This latest success in our fight against the illegal electronic distribution of our products is part of a concerted worldwide effort by Novell to protect our customers and our partners. Sweden which has a higher than average rate of piracy remains a key target for our investigative team and we would expect further activity in the region as a result of this weeks raids."

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