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Broward Community College Communicates Efficiently and Cost Effectively with Novell Net Business Solutions
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PROVO, Utah — June 05, 2002 — The third-largest community college in Florida with seven locations in Broward County and an international center in Singapore, Broward Community College (BCC) needed an e-mail and collaboration solution that would enable more than 45,000 faculty, staff and students to effectively and conveniently communicate from any location. Faced with the challenges of a dynamic user base on multiple systems, BCC found a solution that allows easy administration across multiple platforms from a single location. BCC's business solution includes Novell GroupWise, Novell NetMail (formerly NIMS) and Novell eDirectory.

"We looked at other solutions, but they just didn't measure up to Novell," said Kenneth Libutti, Broward Community College systems engineer. "Novell solutions work, are cost effective, and we never have to reinvent or redevelop anything. We always look to Novell first for our technology needs."

Novell eDirectory allows BCC to deliver a highly scalable messaging infrastructure at a low cost, serving as the integration point for the college's multiple applications and platforms and enabling centralized management of its 45,000 users. GroupWise and NetMail have improved communication between students, faculty and staff and have protected the college from costly computer virus attacks. Together, this solution simplifies everyday tasks, such as allowing staff and faculty to easily find or create groups for task-specific e-mail distribution, like grades, administration forms, updates and announcements. Students also have anytime, anywhere access to course syllabi, assignments, faculty instructions and course-specific updates through e-mail.

Matt Hodges, BCC systems engineer, said, "The solution has had a direct impact in decreasing the man-hours required to perform administrative tasks, including managing our user accounts as well as managing the costs associated with printing and postage. Cost savings on postage and time savings for HR calls and inquiries alone will be tremendous, potentially saving us more than $100,000 annually."

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