4.6 Clusters Cannot Communicate

If the clusters in your BCC cannot communicate with each other, it is possible that the User object you are using to administer your BCC does not have sufficient rights to the Cluster objects for each cluster. To resolve this problem, ensure that the BCC Administrator user is a trustee of the Cluster objects and has at least Read and Write rights to the All Attributes Rights property.

  1. Start your Internet browser and enter the URL for iManager.

    The URL is http://server_ip_address/nps/iManager.html. Replace server_ip_address with the IP address or DNS name of the server that has iManager and the Identity Manager preconfigured templates for iManager installed.

  2. Specify your username and password, specify the tree where you want to log in, then click Login.

  3. In the left column, click Rights, then click the Modify Trustees link.

  4. Specify the Cluster object name, or browse and select it, then click OK.

  5. If the BCC Administrator user is not listed as a trustee, click the Add Trustee button, browse and select the User object, then click OK.

  6. Click Assigned Rights for the BCC Administrator user, then ensure that the Read and Write check boxes are selected for the All Attributes Rights property.

  7. Click Done to save your changes.

  8. Repeat Step 3 through Step 7 for the other Cluster objects in your BCC.