The DataXpress3 is a sample application that copies data between databases.

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About the DataXpress application Top

DataXpress is a sample utility that can be used to copy data between databases, and is intended for use primarily in a development environment. It can be used, for example, to copy tables containing modified user data from a design database to a production database. When copying data using the Publish option, it is assumed that the source and target tables have identical schema, including the same number of columns and column names. If you do not already have an existing  target table or just want to try the Publish option, use the SilverStream publishing tool to copy the table schema from the source to the target database. You might need to modify the code in DataXpress to develop a data publishing utilty that is suitable for your environment. However please note that DataXpress is a sample application and not an officially released feature of the SilverStream Application Server, and will not be supported as such.

How it works Top

DataXpress provides three operations. It can import a comma-delimited file to a database table, export a table to a variety of file formats, and publish data from one database to another. Each operation is represented by a page that accesses the data source through a single updatable data source object. This data source object configures itself dynamically based on the database(s) and table(s) selected by the user. The page invokes a specific business object based on the selected operation. The business object contains a data cache object (agData) that is bound to the data source object. The business object uses the data source object to populate the agData with the rows to be copied from or to the data source, and then returns the appropriate results to the caller.

Before you get started: The databases you use must be synchronized before you use this application.

How to get started Top

  1. Install and run the DataXpress database.

  2. The home page is a servlet that is activated when you run the database. The application starts in your browser.
  3. Select one of the three options in the left panel to display the appropriate page. Each page includes step-by-step instructions on how to use the selected operation. Here is a summary:

    Option Purpose
    Import Use to import a comma-delimited file into a selected database table. The table can be located anywhere on your network, but must be properly formatted to match the target table schema.
    Publish Use to copy a table from one database to another database. When using this option note that:
    • The source and target databases must be located on the same SilverStream server
    • The source and target tables can reside in different database types, but the column types and names must match: No explicit conversions are made in this operation.
    Export Use to export data from a database to a selected file format. You can use this option, for example, to scan table data. This option provides several export file types, including, HTML, Excel spreadsheet, and others.

DataXpress techniques Top

     For information about using a dynamically configurable data source object in your applications, see the following Application Techniques:

Where to find more information Top

     For more information about the SilverStream features used in the DataXpress application, see the following chapters in the Programmer's Guide: