EJB Examples

This sample database contains a collection of live code examples that illustrates techniques for implementing Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) in your applications.

These examples reside in the Examples3_EJB database.

This page covers the following topics:

Description of the Examples3_EJB database    Top of page

The Enterprise JavaBeans Specification provides a framework that allows you to build reusable Java-based components that are remotely accessible, transactional, and secure.

In the Examples3_EJB database, you will find examples that demonstrate the following techniques for implementing EJBs in real-world applications:

How to get started    Top of page

To begin exploring these examples, follow these steps:

  1. Install and run the Examples3_EJB database.

    The application starts up in your browser, as shown:

  2. Browse through the list in the left navigation pane and select examples of interest.

    The example you select opens in the right pane, where you can interact with its controls, as shown in this display:

EJB techniques    Top of page

    To learn how to implement EJB technologies and access sample code that you can incorporate in your applications, go to Application Techniques in the help system: Enterprise JavaBean Techniques.

Where to find more information    Top of page

    For introductory information about EJBs, see the following chapters in Getting Started in the help system:

    For technical information about implementing EJBs, see the following chapters in the Programmer's Guide: