General Reference


Chapter 1: Expressions, Operators, and Built-in Functions

Data types
String literals
Date/Time literals
Arithmetic operators
Relational operators
Logical operators
String operators
Other operators
Operator precedence
Built-in functions
Numeric functions
String functions
Parse functions
Format() function
Format patterns and styles
Locale function parameter
Timezone function parameter
Aggregate functions
Date and time functions
Security functions
Operator and function support for data types
Integer data types
Long data types
Decimal data types
Double data types
Date data types
String data types
Time data types
Timestamp data types
UUID data types
BLOB data types

Chapter 2: Formatting Patterns and Styles

About formatting patterns and styles
Date and time patterns
Rules for date and time patterns
Date and time pattern examples
Date and time styles
Numeric patterns
Numeric styles

Chapter 3: Java and SQL Object Conversions

Converting SQL types to Java types
Converting Java object types to SQL types

Chapter 4: Designer Objects and their API Classes

Page Designer controls
Form Designer controls

Chapter 5: Naming SilverStream Objects

Chapter 6: Error Messages

Chapter 7: SilverStream Reserved Words

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