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Class PopupMenu


public class PopupMenu
extends Menu

A class that implements a menu which can be dynamically popped up at a specified position within a component.

As the inheritance hierarchy implies, a PopupMenu can be used anywhere a Menu can be used. However, if you use a PopupMenu like a Menu (e.g., you add it to a MenuBar), then you cannot call show on that PopupMenu.

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Constructor Summary
          Creates a new popup menu.
PopupMenu(String label)
          Creates a new popup menu with the specified name.
Method Summary
 void addNotify()
          Creates the popup menu's peer.
 void show(Component origin, int x, int y)
          Shows the popup menu at the x, y position relative to an origin component.
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Constructor Detail


public PopupMenu()
Creates a new popup menu.


public PopupMenu(String label)
Creates a new popup menu with the specified name.
label - a non-null string specifying the popup menu's label
Method Detail


public void addNotify()
Creates the popup menu's peer. The peer allows us to change the appearance of the popup menu without changing any of the popup menu's functionality.
addNotify in class Menu


public void show(Component origin,
                 int x,
                 int y)
Shows the popup menu at the x, y position relative to an origin component. The origin component must be contained within the component hierarchy of the popup menu's parent. Both the origin and the parent must be showing on the screen for this method to be valid.

If this PopupMenu is being used as a Menu (i.e., it has a non-Component parent), then you cannot call this method on the PopupMenu.

origin - the component which defines the coordinate space
x - the x coordinate position to popup the menu
y - the y coordinate position to popup the menu
IllegalArgumentException - if this PopupMenu has a non- Component parent

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