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Uses of Interface

Packages that use BeanInfo
java.beans Contains classes related to Java Beans development. 
java.beans.beancontext Provides classes and interfaces relating to bean context. 

Uses of BeanInfo in java.beans

Classes in java.beans that implement BeanInfo
 class SimpleBeanInfo
          This is a support class to make it easier for people to provide BeanInfo classes.

Methods in java.beans that return BeanInfo
 BeanInfo[] BeanInfo.getAdditionalBeanInfo()
          This method allows a BeanInfo object to return an arbitrary collection of other BeanInfo objects that provide additional information on the current bean.
 BeanInfo[] SimpleBeanInfo.getAdditionalBeanInfo()
          Claim there are no other relevant BeanInfo objects.
static BeanInfo Introspector.getBeanInfo(Class beanClass)
          Introspect on a Java bean and learn about all its properties, exposed methods, and events.
static BeanInfo Introspector.getBeanInfo(Class beanClass, int flags)
          Introspect on a Java bean and learn about all its properties, exposed methods, and events, subnject to some comtrol flags.
static BeanInfo Introspector.getBeanInfo(Class beanClass, Class stopClass)
          Introspect on a Java bean and learn all about its properties, exposed methods, below a given "stop" point.

Uses of BeanInfo in java.beans.beancontext

Subinterfaces of BeanInfo in java.beans.beancontext
 interface BeanContextServiceProviderBeanInfo
          A BeanContextServiceProvider implementor who wishes to provide explicit information about the services their bean may provide shall implement a BeanInfo class that implements this BeanInfo subinterface and provides explicit information about the methods, properties, events, etc, of their services.

Methods in java.beans.beancontext that return BeanInfo
 BeanInfo[] BeanContextServiceProviderBeanInfo.getServicesBeanInfo()

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