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java.beans Contains classes related to Java Beans development. 

Uses of FeatureDescriptor in java.beans

Subclasses of FeatureDescriptor in java.beans
 class BeanDescriptor
          A BeanDescriptor provides global information about a "bean", including its Java class, its displayName, etc.
 class EventSetDescriptor
          An EventSetDescriptor describes a group of events that a given Java bean fires.
 class IndexedPropertyDescriptor
          An IndexedPropertyDescriptor describes a property that acts like an array and has an indexed read and/or indexed write method to access specific elements of the array.
 class MethodDescriptor
          A MethodDescriptor describes a particular method that a Java Bean supports for external access from other components.
 class ParameterDescriptor
          The ParameterDescriptor class allows bean implementors to provide additional information on each of their parameters, beyond the low level type information provided by the java.lang.reflect.Method class.
 class PropertyDescriptor
          A PropertyDescriptor describes one property that a Java Bean exports via a pair of accessor methods.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Edition

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