JavaTM 2 Platform
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Interface JComboBox.KeySelectionManager

Enclosing class:

public static interface JComboBox.KeySelectionManager

The interface that defines a KeySelectionManager. To qualify as a KeySelectionManager, the class needs to implement the method that identifies the list index given a character and the combo box data model.

Method Summary
 int selectionForKey(char aKey, ComboBoxModel aModel)
          Given aKey and the model, returns the row that should become selected.

Method Detail


public int selectionForKey(char aKey,
                           ComboBoxModel aModel)
Given aKey and the model, returns the row that should become selected. Return -1 if no match was found.
aKey - a char value, usually indicating a keyboard key that was pressed
aModel - a ComboBoxModel -- the component's data model, containing the list of selectable items
an int equal to the selected row, where 0 is the first item and -1 is none.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Edition

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