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Uses of Interface

Packages that use ListModel
javax.swing Provides a set of "lightweight" (all-Java language) components that, to the maximum degree possible, work the same on all platforms. 
javax.swing.plaf.basic Provides user interface objects built according to the Basic look-and-feel. 
javax.swing.plaf.metal Provides user interface objects built according to the ``metal'' look-and-feel. 

Uses of ListModel in javax.swing

Subinterfaces of ListModel in javax.swing
 interface ComboBoxModel
          ComboBoxDataModel is a ListDataModel with a selected item This selected item is in the model since it is not always in the item list.
 interface MutableComboBoxModel
          A mutable version of ComboBoxModel.

Classes in javax.swing that implement ListModel
 class AbstractListModel
          The Abstract definition for the data model the provides a List with its contents.
 class DefaultComboBoxModel
          The default model for combo boxes.
 class DefaultListModel
          This class implements the java.util.Vector API and notifies the ListDataListeners when changes occur.

Methods in javax.swing that return ListModel
 ListModel JList.getModel()
          Returns the data model that holds the list of items displayed by the JList component.

Methods in javax.swing with parameters of type ListModel
 void JList.setModel(ListModel model)
          Sets the model that represents the contents or "value" of the list and clears the list selection after notifying PropertyChangeListeners.

Constructors in javax.swing with parameters of type ListModel
JList.JList(ListModel dataModel)
          Construct a JList that displays the elements in the specified, non-null model.

Uses of ListModel in javax.swing.plaf.basic

Classes in javax.swing.plaf.basic that implement ListModel
 class BasicDirectoryModel
          Basic implementation of a file list.

Methods in javax.swing.plaf.basic with parameters of type ListModel
protected  void BasicListUI.paintCell(Graphics g, int row, Rectangle rowBounds, ListCellRenderer cellRenderer, ListModel dataModel, ListSelectionModel selModel, int leadIndex)
          Paint one List cell: compute the relevant state, get the "rubber stamp" cell renderer component, and then use the CellRendererPane to paint it.

Uses of ListModel in javax.swing.plaf.metal

Classes in javax.swing.plaf.metal that implement ListModel
protected  class MetalFileChooserUI.DirectoryComboBoxModel
          Data model for a type-face selection combo-box.
protected  class MetalFileChooserUI.FilterComboBoxModel
          Data model for a type-face selection combo-box.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Edition

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