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Class ComboBoxUI

Direct Known Subclasses:
BasicComboBoxUI, MultiComboBoxUI

public abstract class ComboBoxUI
extends ComponentUI

Pluggable look and feel interface for JComboBox.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  boolean isFocusTraversable(JComboBox c)
          Determine whether or not the combo box itself is traversable
abstract  boolean isPopupVisible(JComboBox c)
          Determine the visibility of the popup
abstract  void setPopupVisible(JComboBox c, boolean v)
          Set the visiblity of the popup
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Constructor Detail


public ComboBoxUI()
Method Detail


public abstract void setPopupVisible(JComboBox c,
                                     boolean v)
Set the visiblity of the popup


public abstract boolean isPopupVisible(JComboBox c)
Determine the visibility of the popup


public abstract boolean isFocusTraversable(JComboBox c)
Determine whether or not the combo box itself is traversable

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Edition

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