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Class HTMLDocument.HTMLReader.IsindexAction

Enclosing class:

public class HTMLDocument.HTMLReader.IsindexAction
extends HTMLDocument.HTMLReader.TagAction

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void start(HTML.Tag t, MutableAttributeSet a)
          Called when a start tag is seen for the type of tag this action was registered to.
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Constructor Detail


public HTMLDocument.HTMLReader.IsindexAction()
Method Detail


public void start(HTML.Tag t,
                  MutableAttributeSet a)
Description copied from class: HTMLDocument.HTMLReader.TagAction
Called when a start tag is seen for the type of tag this action was registered to. The tag argument indicates the actual tag for those actions that are shared across many tags. By default this does nothing and completely ignores the tag.
start in class HTMLDocument.HTMLReader.TagAction

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