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Class HTMLDocument.RunElement

Enclosing class:

public class HTMLDocument.RunElement
extends AbstractDocument.LeafElement

An element that represents a chunk of text that has a set of html character level attributes assigned to it.

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Constructor Summary
HTMLDocument.RunElement(Element parent, AttributeSet a, int offs0, int offs1)
          Constructs an element that represents content within the document (has no children).
Method Summary
 String getName()
          Gets the name of the element.
 AttributeSet getResolveParent()
          Gets the resolving parent.
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Constructor Detail


public HTMLDocument.RunElement(Element parent,
                               AttributeSet a,
                               int offs0,
                               int offs1)
Constructs an element that represents content within the document (has no children).
parent - The parent element
a - The element attributes
offs0 - The start offset >= 0
offs1 - The end offset >= offs0
Method Detail


public String getName()
Gets the name of the element.
getName in class AbstractDocument.LeafElement
the name, null if none


public AttributeSet getResolveParent()
Gets the resolving parent. HTML attributes are not inherited at the model level so we override this to return null.
getResolveParent in class AbstractDocument.AbstractElement
null, there are none
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