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Class HTMLEditorKit.HTMLTextAction

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public abstract static class HTMLEditorKit.HTMLTextAction
extends StyledEditorKit.StyledTextAction

An abstract Action providing some convenience methods that may be useful in inserting HTML into an existing document.

NOTE: None of the convenience methods obtain a lock on the document. If you have another thread modifying the text these methods may have inconsistant behavior, or return the wrong thing.

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Fields inherited from class javax.swing.AbstractAction
changeSupport, enabled
Constructor Summary
HTMLEditorKit.HTMLTextAction(String name)
Method Summary
protected  int elementCountToTag(HTMLDocument doc, int offset, HTML.Tag tag)
          Returns number of elements, starting at the deepest leaf, needed to get to an element representing tag.
protected  Element findElementMatchingTag(HTMLDocument doc, int offset, HTML.Tag tag)
          Returns the deepest element at offset matching tag.
protected  Element[] getElementsAt(HTMLDocument doc, int offset)
          Returns an array of the Elements that contain offset.
protected  HTMLDocument getHTMLDocument(JEditorPane e)
protected  HTMLEditorKit getHTMLEditorKit(JEditorPane e)
Methods inherited from class javax.swing.text.StyledEditorKit.StyledTextAction
getEditor, getStyledDocument, getStyledEditorKit, setCharacterAttributes, setParagraphAttributes
Methods inherited from class javax.swing.text.TextAction
augmentList, getFocusedComponent, getTextComponent
Methods inherited from class javax.swing.AbstractAction
addPropertyChangeListener, clone, firePropertyChange, getValue, isEnabled, putValue, removePropertyChangeListener, setEnabled
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Constructor Detail


public HTMLEditorKit.HTMLTextAction(String name)
Method Detail


protected HTMLDocument getHTMLDocument(JEditorPane e)
HTMLDocument of e.


protected HTMLEditorKit getHTMLEditorKit(JEditorPane e)
HTMLEditorKit for e.


protected Element[] getElementsAt(HTMLDocument doc,
                                  int offset)
Returns an array of the Elements that contain offset. The first elements corresponds to the root.


protected int elementCountToTag(HTMLDocument doc,
                                int offset,
                                HTML.Tag tag)
Returns number of elements, starting at the deepest leaf, needed to get to an element representing tag. This will return -1 if no elements is found representing tag, or 0 if the parent of the leaf at offset represents tag.


protected Element findElementMatchingTag(HTMLDocument doc,
                                         int offset,
                                         HTML.Tag tag)
Returns the deepest element at offset matching tag.

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