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Class ListView


public class ListView
extends BlockView

A view implementation to display an html list

Fields inherited from class javax.swing.text.View
BadBreakWeight, ExcellentBreakWeight, ForcedBreakWeight, GoodBreakWeight, X_AXIS, Y_AXIS
Constructor Summary
ListView(Element elem)
          Creates a new view that represents a list element.
Method Summary
 float getAlignment(int axis)
          Calculates the desired shape of the list.
 void paint(Graphics g, Shape allocation)
          Renders using the given rendering surface and area on that surface.
protected  void paintChild(Graphics g, Rectangle alloc, int index)
          Paints one of the children; called by paint().
protected  void setPropertiesFromAttributes()
          Update any cached values that come from attributes.
Methods inherited from class javax.swing.text.html.BlockView
calculateMajorAxisRequirements, calculateMinorAxisRequirements, changedUpdate, getAttributes, getResizeWeight, getStyleSheet
Methods inherited from class javax.swing.text.BoxView
baselineLayout, baselineRequirements, childAllocation, flipEastAndWestAtEnds, getChildAllocation, getHeight, getMaximumSpan, getMinimumSpan, getOffset, getPreferredSpan, getSpan, getViewAtPoint, getWidth, isAfter, isAllocationValid, isBefore, layout, layoutMajorAxis, layoutMinorAxis, modelToView, preferenceChanged, replace, setSize, viewToModel
Methods inherited from class javax.swing.text.CompositeView
append, getBottomInset, getInsideAllocation, getLeftInset, getNextEastWestVisualPositionFrom, getNextNorthSouthVisualPositionFrom, getNextVisualPositionFrom, getRightInset, getTopInset, getView, getViewAtPosition, getViewCount, getViewIndexAtPosition, insert, insertUpdate, loadChildren, modelToView, removeAll, removeUpdate, setInsets, setParagraphInsets, setParent
Methods inherited from class javax.swing.text.View
breakView, createFragment, getBreakWeight, getContainer, getDocument, getElement, getEndOffset, getParent, getStartOffset, getViewFactory, isVisible, modelToView, viewToModel
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public ListView(Element elem)
Creates a new view that represents a list element.
elem - the element to create a view for
Method Detail


public float getAlignment(int axis)
Calculates the desired shape of the list.
getAlignment in class BlockView
the desired span
See Also:


public void paint(Graphics g,
                  Shape allocation)
Renders using the given rendering surface and area on that surface.
paint in class BlockView
g - the rendering surface to use
allocation - the allocated region to render into
See Also:
View.paint(java.awt.Graphics, java.awt.Shape)


protected void paintChild(Graphics g,
                          Rectangle alloc,
                          int index)
Paints one of the children; called by paint(). By default that is all it does, but a subclass can use this to paint things relative to the child.
paintChild in class BoxView
g - the graphics context
alloc - the allocated region to render the child into
index - the index of the child


protected void setPropertiesFromAttributes()
Description copied from class: BlockView
Update any cached values that come from attributes.
setPropertiesFromAttributes in class BlockView

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