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Class DefaultTreeCellEditor.EditorContainer

Enclosing class:

public class DefaultTreeCellEditor.EditorContainer
extends Container

Container responsible for placing the editingComponent.

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Fields inherited from class java.awt.Component
Constructor Summary
          Constructs an EditorContainer object.
Method Summary
 void doLayout()
          Lays out this Container.
 void EditorContainer()
 Dimension getPreferredSize()
          Returns the preferred size for the Container.
 void paint(Graphics g)
          Overrides Container.paint to paint the node's icon and use the selection color for the background.
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultTreeCellEditor.EditorContainer()
Constructs an EditorContainer object.
Method Detail


public void EditorContainer()


public void paint(Graphics g)
Overrides Container.paint to paint the node's icon and use the selection color for the background.
paint in class Container
Tags copied from class: Container
g - the specified Graphics window
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public void doLayout()
Lays out this Container. If editing, the editor will be placed at offset in the x direction and 0 for y.
doLayout in class Container
Tags copied from class: Container
See Also:
LayoutManager.layoutContainer(java.awt.Container), Container.setLayout(java.awt.LayoutManager), Container.validate()


public Dimension getPreferredSize()
Returns the preferred size for the Container. This will be the preferred size of the editor offset by offset.
getPreferredSize in class Container
Tags copied from class: Container
an instance of Dimension that represents the preferred size of this container.
See Also:
Container.getMinimumSize(), Container.getLayout(), LayoutManager.preferredLayoutSize(java.awt.Container), Component.getPreferredSize()

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