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Interface Current

public interface Current
extends Object

An interface that makes it possible to access information associated with a particular thread of execution, such as security information or a transaction identifier.

An ORB or CORBA service that needs its own thread-specific state extends the CORBA package's Current. Users of the service can obtain an instance of the appropriate Current interface by invoking ORB.resolve_initial_references. For example, the Security service obtains the Current relevant to it by invoking


A CORBA service does not have to use this method of keeping context but may choose to do so.

Methods on classes that implement from Current access state associated with the thread in which they are invoked, not state associated with the thread from which the Current was obtained. Current objects must not be exported to other processes, or externalized with ORB.object_to_string. If any attempt is made to do so, the offending operation will raise a MARSHAL system exception.

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Methods inherited from interface org.omg.CORBA.Object
_create_request, _create_request, _duplicate, _get_domain_managers, _get_interface_def, _get_policy, _hash, _is_a, _is_equivalent, _non_existent, _release, _request, _set_policy_override

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Edition

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