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Packages that use ServletRequest

Uses of ServletRequest in javax.servlet

Methods in javax.servlet with parameters of type ServletRequest
 void RequestDispatcher.forward(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response)
          Forwards a ServletRequest object from this servlet to a resource (servlet, JSP file, or HTML file) on the server.
 void RequestDispatcher.include(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response)
          Includes the content a resource (servlet, JSP page, HTML file) on the Web server generates in the response this servlet sends to another servlet.
 void Servlet.service(ServletRequest req, ServletResponse res)
          Allows the servlet to respond to a request after the servlet has been initialized with the init method.
abstract  void GenericServlet.service(ServletRequest req, ServletResponse res)
          Carries out a single request from the client.

Uses of ServletRequest in javax.servlet.http

Subinterfaces of ServletRequest in javax.servlet.http
 interface HttpServletRequest
          Extends the ServletRequest interface to provide additional functionality for the request object that is passed to an HTTP servlet.

Methods in javax.servlet.http with parameters of type ServletRequest
 void HttpServlet.service(ServletRequest req, ServletResponse res)
          Dispatches client requests to the protected service method.

Uses of ServletRequest in javax.servlet.jsp

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp that return ServletRequest
abstract  ServletRequest PageContext.getRequest()

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp with parameters of type ServletRequest
abstract  PageContext JspFactory.getPageContext(Servlet servlet, ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response, java.lang.String errorPageURL, boolean needsSession, int buffer, boolean autoflush)
           obtains an instance of an implementation dependent javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext abstract class for the calling Servlet and currently pending request and response.
abstract  void PageContext.initialize(Servlet servlet, ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response, java.lang.String errorPageURL, boolean needsSession, int bufferSize, boolean autoFlush)
           The initialize emthod is called to initialize an uninitialized PageContext so that it may be used by a JSP Implementation class to service an incoming request and response wihtin it's _jspService() method.