Application Server 3.5

Interface AgiViewForm

public interface AgiViewForm

This interface must be implemented by any form that will be used as a column in an AgcView control. It allows the form to get/set information from the view's row.

Method Summary
 void initViewForm(AgiRowCursor rc, Object userData)
          Initializes the form from the AgcView's row cursor.

Method Detail


public void initViewForm(AgiRowCursor rc,
                         Object userData)
Initializes the form from the AgcView's row cursor. The form populates its controls from this AgiRowCursor. This method is called by the form cell, when it reformats itself. The cell typically reformats itself when the row is selected as the caret row or when the view's data is reloaded.
rc - the AgcView's AgiRowCursor
userData - An Object used to supply whatever extra information the form needs so that the information can be computed once and each form instance can re-use it. For example, if your form contains a drop-down and you want to populate it from a database, you should pre-compute the list of choices and pass that in as part of your user-data, rather than requerying the database for each form instance.
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