Application Server 3.5

Interface AgiDataSourceListener

public interface AgiDataSourceListener

Implemented by business objects with Data Source triggers. Business Objects that implement this interface 'listen' for Data Source events that occur on the Server. When the SilverStream Server receives such events, it passes an event object to all business objects 'listening' for events of that type.

When a Data Source object is created, SilverStream automatically adds the implements AgiDataSourceListener clause to the object's class definition.

Method Summary
 void invokeQuery(AgoDataSourceEvent e)
          Fires when a data source object receives a data request.

Method Detail


public void invokeQuery(AgoDataSourceEvent e)
                 throws Exception
Fires when a data source object receives a data request.
e - an instance of an AgoDataSourceEvent.

The goal in coding this event is to produce either a ResultSet or an AgiDataSource object that will provide data to the caller of invokeQuery(). To do this, call one of the following methods: evt.setResultSet(), evt.setDataSource() or evt.executeSQL().

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