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Class AgoServerStartEvent

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public class AgoServerStartEvent
extends AgoBusinessObjectEvent

An instance of the AgoServerStartEvent object is passed into each ServerStart event fired. It also provides information about the server, the session, users and groups.

ServerStart events are fired when the SilverStream Server starts.

Multiple ServerStart Listeners can be created; however, SilverStream does not guarantee the order in which they will be fired.

If a ServerStart business object is unable to start for any reason (e.g., hangs), then the SilverStream Server cannot start. The -nostartagent startup parameter can be used to start the server without starting any ServerStart business objects until the offending agent hs been debugged. To find out more about server problems use the AgoServerErrorEvent object, or check the AgErrorLog in the SilverMaster database for more information about errors that occur when starting the SilverStream Server.

An AgoServerStartEvent can be used to acquire an AgaData object to do things like initialize tables or files that other objects might use later on. In this case, if the business object were also made invokable, code could be written so that the invoked event returns the AgaData or other desired object. Other objects could then call invokeBusinessObject() and get the object.

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public AgoServerStartEvent()

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