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Class AgoUserLogoutEvent

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public class AgoUserLogoutEvent
extends AgoBusinessObjectEvent

An instance of this object is passed into each UserLogout event fired.

UserLogin events are fired when a user logs out of a session. Sessions are created when browsers (or other HTTP clients) connect to the server. If everything is working correctly with cookies, the server will connect all requests from the browser to the same session.

Additionally each session can be logged into. This can happen automatically via certificates, or directly via a browser login dialog or via an api call AgiServer.loginUser(). Sessions can also be logged out from. If a session is not logged in, then it is said to have an anonymous user.

Note that the UserLogout event is not fired when sessions are destroyed, but rather when a user tries to logout of a session. If you are tracking user logins it might be useful for you to track user logouts as well.

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Method Summary
 AgiSession getUserSession()
          Returns the session of the user that is logging out
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Constructor Detail


public AgoUserLogoutEvent()
Method Detail


public AgiSession getUserSession()
Returns the session of the user that is logging out

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