2.5 Configuring the Filr Desktop Console

You can use the Filr Desktop Console to configure information such as login details, file storage location, and whether or not to automatically launch Filr when computer starts. You can also use the console to view information about the pending synchronization changes, the recent Filr activities, and system alerts:

  1. Log into the Filr desktop application.

    For information about logging into the desktop application, see Logging in to the Filr Desktop Application.

  2. Right-click the Filr icon in the notification area and click Open Filr console.

  3. In the Filr Desktop Console, you can configure the following:

    • Edit the login details: The Account tab displays the login information that you specified during the previous login. You can edit the login information as per your requirement. For more information, see Logging in to the Filr Desktop Application.

    • Edit the general Filr details: The General tab lets you specify whether you want Filr to automatically launch when the computer starts.

    • Edit the storage location: The Storage tab lets you specify the location for synchronizing the Filr files. By default, Filr files are synchronized to the c:\Users\username\Filr folder on your file system.

    You can also use the console to view the following information:

    • The pending synchronization changes: The Pending Changes tab lets you view the synchronization changes that are in progress.

    • The recent activities: The Recent Activity tab lets you view the activities that were performed recently.

    • The system alerts: The System Alerts tab lets you view the alerts that the desktop application generates.