2.4 Logging in to the Filr Desktop Application

Depending on whether you are logging in to Filr for the first time, logging in after the desktop is configured, or logging in as a different user, review the following sections.

2.4.1 Logging in the First Time

After you download and install the Filr desktop application, you are prompted to log in to the application. For more information about downloading and installing the Filr desktop application, see Downloading and Installing the Filr Desktop Application.

To log in to the Filr Desktop Application:

  1. In the Micro Focus Filr Login dialog, specify the following information:

    Username: Specify the Filr user name that you use to log in to the Filr site.

    Password: Specify the Filr password that you use to log in to the Filr site.

    Remember password: Select this option to have the Filr desktop application remember your password.

    NOTE:The Filr administrator can disable this option.

    Server URL: Specify the URL for the Filr site where you want to synchronize files to your computer. For example, https://Filr.mycompany.com:8443.

  2. Click Login.

    The Filr desktop application is now running, and the Filr icon is visible in the notification area.

2.4.2 Logging in After the Desktop Is Configured

To log in to the Filr application subsequent to the first time login, right-click the Filr icon in the notification area and click Login.

2.4.3 Logging in as a Different User

To login as a different user, see Changing Your Filr Account Information.