6.14 Requesting a File

You can request files from other users provided the Filr Administrator has enabled this functionality on the Filr appliance. The user to whom you send the file request receives an email with an upload request link to the location where you want the file to be uploaded. On receiving the email, the recipient can just click the link in the email to upload the requested file without having to log in to the Filr server. All the file upload restrictions set on the Filr server are applicable for uploading the file.

Review the following sections:

6.14.1 Requesting Users to Upload Files to Filr Server

  1. Navigate to any folder or your Home directory within the MyFiles area where you want the requested file to be uploaded.

    The upload request link in the file request email points to this folder from where you requested the file.

  2. Click File Request.

  3. In the Request File dialog, specify the email addresses of the users to whom you want to send the file request. The email addresses can include internal or external users and must be separated by a comma (,).

  4. Click OK.

  5. Specify the following information that will be displayed in the file request email:

    • Note: Specify the content that must be displayed in the email body.

    • Expires On: Specify the expiry date for the upload request link sent in the email.

    The Apply to all recipients option is selected by default, which implies that the same note and expiry date is applicable for all the email recipients. To specify a different note and expiry date for every recipient, deselect the Apply to all recipients option.

  6. Click OK to send an email to the listed recipients requesting them to use the upload request link to upload the requested file to Filr server.

    The email is sent with the subject: name has requested you to upload a file.

    where name is your filr login name.

6.14.2 Receiving Files Uploaded to Filr Server

When the user to whom you sent the upload file request successfully uploads a file, the file is uploaded to the requested location with the name: email-filename.


  • email is the email id of the user who uploaded the file.

  • filename is the name of the file that the user uploaded.

  • The email and the filename are separated with a hyphen.

For example: if a user with email id as abc@xyz.com uploads a file named 123.txt, then the file is uploaded as abc@xyz.com-123.txt.

An email notification with following information is sent to your registered email address:

  • Subject: email has uploaded the requested file.

    where email is the email id of the user who uploaded the file.

  • Date: Date and time.

    where Date and time is the time when the requested file has been uploaded.

  • Body: file is available in folder.

    where file is the name of the uploaded file and folder is the location of the folder where the requested file is uploaded.