88.6 Assigning Responsibility for Specific Agents

If multiple GroupWise administrators manage the agents throughout your GroupWise system, you can assign a contact for each agent. Or, in a help desk environment, a person can be assigned to an agent when a problem occurs. The person assigned to the agent can record notes about the functioning of the agent, which are then available to other administrators.

  1. In the Monitor Agent console, click the agent status link in the Status column.

  2. In the Assigned field, type the name of the GroupWise administrator who is responsible for this agent.

    The name is displayed to the right of the agent status in the status window of the Monitor Agent console and the Monitor web console.

  3. In the Notes field, type any comments you might have about the agent.

    If a problem with the agent occurs, the Thresholds field and the Suggestions field display helpful information about the problem if you have set up customized thresholds.

    For more information, see Customizing Notification Thresholds.

  4. Click Update to save the information about who is assigned to the agent.