4.14 Licensing

A GroupWise license is required to run GroupWise past the 60 day evaluation period. If your license lapses, GroupWise mail is still delivered, but you are unable to make any changes to the administration. GroupWise Messenger and GroupWise Mobility Service also depend on the license. See the list below for information about what happens to Messenger and Mobility if the license expires:

  • GroupWise Messenger: If the license lapses, Messenger agents stop running and a system broadcast is sent to all users telling them the license has expired.

  • GroupWise Mobility Service: Mobility checks the state of the license and if the license has expired or there is an error, Mobility displays a banner in the Mobility Administration Console with information about the error. If the license has expired and passed the 60 day grace period, Mobility blocks devices from connecting. Once the GroupWise license has been updated, restart Mobility to resume device connectivity. Mcheck can be used to view GroupWise maintenance information. Run MCheck and select option 1, and then option 4.

We recommend that you configure the license during the installation, but you can configure it afterwards. If your GroupWise server has an Internet connection, follow the steps in Automatically Configure the License. If it does not, follow the manual steps in Manually Configure License.

4.14.1 Automatically Configure the License

If you did not configure your license during install, you can enter your Micro Focus customer center credentials in the GroupWise Admin Console:

  1. In GroupWise Admin Console > System > Licensing, select Enable.

  2. Enter your Micro Focus customer center user name and password.

    If applicable, select the site for your installation.

If you license gets updated again later, you can select Check Now to update the license information.

4.14.2 Manually Configure License

To manually enter the license, follow the steps below on a machine with access to the Internet and with Java installed:

  1. In the GroupWise Administration Console, navigate to System > Licensing, and select Update.

  2. Click on the licensing tool link to download the gwlictool.jar file.

  3. Launch the gwlictool.jar file. If you have problems running the file, make sure that Java is set as the default application for .jar files on your computer.

  4. Enter your Micro Focus Customer Center user name and password, and click Get License.

    NOTE:If you downloaded the licensing tool following the steps above, the System GUID contains the information for your GroupWise system. If you obtained the tool another way, run the following command on the GroupWise server to get your System GUID:

    gwadminutil dbinfo [path_to_your_groupwise_domain_folder]
  5. Click Copy License to copy the output to the clipboard and then paste it into the Update License pop-up window in the GroupWise Administration Console.