8.1 Planning GroupWise System Information

To identify your GroupWise system as a whole, the Installation console prompts you for the following information:

8.1.1 GroupWise System Name

You must provide a name for your GroupWise system. The system name can be your company name (for example, Micro Focus), GroupWise, or anything else that fits the naming scheme you want to use. The system name is displayed only in the Admin console, so any characters can be used. You cannot change the name after your GroupWise system is created.


Under System Settings, specify the name for your GroupWise system.

8.1.2 GroupWise Internet Domain Name

Your GroupWise system also needs an Internet domain name. The Internet domain name is used after the @ sign in GroupWise users’ email addresses. You should already have obtained an Internet domain name from your Internet service provider (ISP).


Under GroupWise System Settings, specify the Internet domain name.

Under Create Internet Agent, specify the host name of the GWIA server as it appears in its DNS record.