16.3 Installing Docker

GroupWise Web can be run on any supported Docker platform. Use the links below to find the steps to install Docker on your desired platform:

For your convenience, the steps to install Docker on SLES 12/15 and Windows are included below:

16.3.1 Installing Docker on SLES 12/15

  • Add the Containers Module to your server using YaST > Software > Add System Extensions or Modules.

    NOTE:You can also add the Containers Module during the SLES install.

  • In a terminal, run the following commands:

    sudo zypper install docker
    sudo systemctl enable docker
    sudo systemctl start docker
    sudo usermod -G docker <username> - This command lets the specified username run docker commands
  • Run the following command to test the Docker install:

    docker run hello-world

For more information on Docker on SLES, see the SLES documentation for your version of SLES:

16.3.2 Installing Docker Community on Windows

To install Docker Community on Windows, follow the steps found in Install Docker Desktop on Windows. Docker Community is only supported on Windows 10. If you want to install Docker on a Windows server, you need to contact Docker about purchasing Docker Enterprise.