A.10 GroupWise 18.5

The following new features and enhancement changes were made in GroupWise 18.5:

  • Schedule appointments with Zoom meetings: If you already have a Zoom account or create one, you can integrate and schedule Zoom meetings with your GroupWise calendar items. See Integrating Zoom with GroupWise.

  • Employ resource pools: Create one or more resource pools in your Personal Contacts folder to simplify the process of scheduling resources. When you schedule a resource via a resource pool, the appointment will automatically use Busy Search and schedule the highest priority resource that is available in the resource pool list. See Understanding and Creating Resource Pools.

  • Schedule travel time with appointments: Enable the Travel Time feature when you create or edit an appointment. This feature includes both before and after meeting travel time that displays on either side of the appointment on your calendar. See Scheduling Travel Time.

  • Configure emoji settings: Enable or disable auto emoji insertion when typing and the displaying of emojis in grayscale in item lists, respectively. See Configuring Emoji Settings.