A.3 GroupWise Sync Agent Troubleshooting

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The GroupWise Sync Agent cannot communicate with the GroupWise Post Office Agent (POA)

Explanation: The GroupWise Sync Agent must be able to communicate with a POA in order to synchronize mailbox data. The GroupWise Sync Agent is unable to establish the connection.
Possible Cause: The POA is not running.
Action: Start the POA.

Data does not transfer between GroupWise and the GroupWise Sync Agent

Possible Cause: Varied.
Action: Ensure that the required ports are open on the GroupWise POA server and the GroupWise Sync Agent server. For instructions, see Opening Required Ports in the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Installation Guide.
Action: Check the GroupWise Sync Agent log file. For instructions, see Working with Log Files.

The GroupWise Post Office Agent (POA) shows errors communicating with the GroupWise Sync Agent

Explanation: As you monitor the POA, you might see 890F and 8910 error codes.
Possible Cause: The connection between the GroupWise Sync Agent and the POA has temporarily closed.
Action: None. The connection is re-established automatically. These error codes are benign and can be ignored.

The GroupWise Sync Agent takes a long time to start

Possible Cause: The GroupWise Sync Agent services users that are scattered throughout your GroupWise system. Therefore, POA-to-POA communication is required in order to gather the events from the GroupWise users and return them to the GroupWise Sync Agent.
Action: None. When all GroupWise user events have been received, the status changes to Running.

The GroupWise Sync Agent fails to start after working successfully

Possible Cause: Another application that communicates with the POA using SOAP has created SOAP event configurations that are causing a problem for the GroupWise Sync Agent.
Action: Delete residual SOAP event configurations:
  1. Stop the GroupWise Sync Agent.

  2. In the POA web console, click Configuration.

  3. In the Internet Protocol Agent Settings section, click Event Configuration List.

  4. Click each user, select Delete Event Configuration, then click Submit.

  5. After all event configurations have been cleared, start the GroupWise Sync Agent.