1.3 Configuring the Mobility Admin Console

1.3.1 Adjusting the Mobility Admin Console Polling Rate for Groups of Users

The Mobility Admin console locates GroupWise groups based on their group_name.post_office.domain location in your GroupWise system

When you add a group of users to your Mobility system, the group’s existing members are added to the group as displayed in the Mobility Admin console. Subsequently, the Mobility Admin console polls for updates to group membership. This ensures that the group membership that is displayed in the Mobility Admin console always matches the membership in the GroupWise system.

By default, the Mobility Admin console polls the user source for changes in group membership every 1800 seconds (30 minutes).

  1. In the Mobility Admin console, click Config > User Source.

  2. Adjust the poll rate as needed to synchronize the group membership in the Mobility Admin console with current group membership in the GroupWise system.

  3. Click Save to save the new setting(s).

  4. Restart the Mobility Service:

    gms restart

1.3.2 Using the Mobility Admin Console with a Single Sign-On Solution

If you are using a single sign-on solution such as NetIQ Access Manager or KeySheild SSO, the Mobility Admin console does not require authentication when you are already logged in to the single sign-on solution.

  • For Access Manager, no extra configuration is required.

  • For KeyShield SSO, you must provide Keyshield SSO settings on the Single Sign-On page in the Mobility Admin console. For more information, see KeyShieldSSO.

1.3.3 Adding GroupWise Users as Mobility Administrators

By default, when you use GroupWise as your Mobility system’s user source, you must log in to the Mobility Admin console using the root user name and password.

You can configure the Mobility Service to allow specific users to log in using their GroupWise username and password. Then the root user name and password can continue to be used as well.

  1. In a terminal window on the Mobility server, become root by entering su - and the root password.

  2. Change to the following directory:

  3. Open the configengine.xml file in a text editor.

  4. Add the following section:


    Replace GroupWise_Username with the appropriate GroupWise user name. You can add as many GroupWise users as needed.

  5. Save the configengine.xml file, then exit the text editor.

  6. Restart the Mobility Service to put the new settings into effect:

    gms restart