5.3 Monitoring User Status

The Users page helps you monitor synchronization progress as data transfers from GroupWise through the GroupWise Sync Agent to the Device Sync Agent in preparation for transfer to mobile devices.

  1. In the Mobility Admin console, click Users.

    A Group icon Group icon to the left of a User icon User icon shows that the user was added to your Mobility system as a member of a group. If you mouse over the Group icon, the name and context of the group displays.

    A synchronized resource is identified with the Resource icon Resource icon.

  2. Check the User State column for each user.

    The User State column displays the following states that indicate the progress of initial synchronization from GroupWise into the Mobility system:

    User State



    The initial synchronization process from GroupWise to the Mobility system has not yet started for this user.


    The initial user configuration is in progress.


    The initial user configuration is completed.


    The initial synchronization process is in progress. As many as four users can be synchronizing at once. As one user is finished, initial synchronization for the next user starts.


    The Mobility system has received all of the user’s GroupWise data, and is in the process of comparing the data in the Mobility system with the data in GroupWise to verify the completeness of the data transfer.


    The initial synchronization process is complete.


    After initial synchronization, users can request more email in addition to the default of the email in the Mailbox folder for the last three days.


    The Mobility system is synchronizing the user’s Personal Address Book.


    The specific user is currently blocked from connecting any devices.


    The initial synchronization process has failed. For failed users, the GroupWise Sync Agent automatically retries as many as four times after all other users have been synchronized.


    The user is in the process of being deleted from your Mobility system. If the user has a large amount of data and attachments in the system, the deletion process can take some time.


    The user is in the process of being reinitialized. During reinitialization, the user’s GroupWise data is deleted from the Mobility system and is requested again from the GroupWise system. If the user has a large amount of GroupWise data and attachments, the reinitialization process might take a long time.

    See also Monitoring Device Status.

  3. (Condition) For users in the Queued state, be patient until the state progresses from Queued to Syncing to Synced.

  4. (Conditional) For users in the Syncing state, refresh the Users page until the status changes to Synced.

  5. (Conditional) For users in the Synced state, notify the users to configure their mobile devices to connect to the Mobility system.

    After users have configured their mobile devices to connect to the Mobility system, they can configure their devices to synchronize additional items beyond the defaults. For more information about initial synchronization, see Managing Initial Synchronization of Users in the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Installation Guide. For such users, their Synced state can change to Syncing again as additional items are retrieved, and then return to Synced when the additional synchronization is finished.

  6. (Conditional) If a user is in the Blocked state because all of his or her devices are blocked, click Unblock Device Unblock Device icon in the User Actions column to unblock the user and all devices.

    For more information, see Blocking/Unblocking All Incoming Devices and Blocking/Unblocking Specific Devices.

  7. (Conditional) If a user is in the Failed state:

    1. Click the user name to display the User/Device Actions page.

      User/Device Actions page
    2. In the Actions column, click Reinitialize User icon.

      Reinitialization deletes the user from the Device Sync Agent, adds the user again, then starts the synchronization process over from the beginning.

    3. (Conditional) If reinitializing the user still does not allow the user to connect, delete the user from the Mobility system, then re-add the user.

      For instructions, see Managing Mobile Device Users.

    4. Click Users Reinitialize User icon to return to the Users page.

  8. To display more detailed user status, click Dashboard, then click Users.

    For more information about the Dashboard, see Using the Mobility Dashboard.