3.5 Testing Your Initial Mobility System

After you have added a few users to your Mobility system, you can watch the initial synchronization of their devices and send a few test messages.

3.5.1 Managing Initial Synchronization of Users

From your point of view as the Mobility administrator, initial synchronization means that GroupWise data has been synchronized from GroupWise to the Mobility System. This means that the data is ready to be synchronized to users’ mobile devices as soon as users configure their devices to connect to the Mobility system.

Initial synchronization provides the following synchronization of GroupWise items:

  • Contacts from all personal address books, excluding the Frequent Contacts address book

    You can change this personal address book selection setting for users after installation in the Mobility Admin console. For instructions, see Customizing a User’s Synchronization Settings in the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Administration Guide. Users can also change their own synchronization settings on the Mobility Settings page in the Mobility Admin console. For more information, see the GroupWise Mobility Quick Start for Mobile Device Users.

    The GroupWise Address Book cannot be synchronized to mobile devices. However, users can still access individual contacts in the GroupWise Address Book if their mobile devices can do a Global Address List (GAL) lookup. As an alternative, users can create a personal address book that is a subset of the GroupWise Address Book to synchronize to their mobile devices.

  • Calendar items (appointments and reminder notes) from the last two weeks and all future calendar items

    Shared calendars are synchronized only for the owners of the shared calendars. If shared calendars are very important to users, shared calendar owners can post them to the Internet. For more information, see Publishing Personal Calendars on the Internet in the GroupWise 18 Client User Guide.

    After the owner publishes the calendar, other users can view the calendar URL in the web browser on their mobile devices.

    To provide this functionality, at least one Calendar Publishing Host must be set up in the GroupWise system. For more information, see Setting Up the GroupWise Calendar Publishing Host in the GroupWise 18 Installation Guide.

  • Email messages in the Mailbox folder for the last three days

    If users want to receive more existing email messages on their devices, they can configure their mobile devices to request additional existing email messages.

  • Tasks with due dates in the last two weeks and all future tasks

    Completed and uncompleted tasks are synchronized. Posted and group tasks are synchronized. Tasks that originate as other GroupWise item types (such as emails or calendar items) are synchronized as tasks when they are dragged to the Tasklist, when they are displayed in the Tasklist, or when they are changed to tasks.

    The GroupWise Tasklist does not synchronize to mobile devices. You cannot create a tasklist on a mobile device that is associated with a GroupWise account.

  • Phone messages for the last three days

  • Folders in the Cabinet (but not items in folders until users request them by opening folders on their mobile devices)

  • Attachments if they do not exceed your Mobility system size limits

    If an item has an attachment that does not synchronize, a message notifies the user. For more information, see Controlling Synchronization Size Limits in the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Administration Guide.

When you add several users to your Mobility system at the same time, initial synchronization is performed for four users at a time. When it finishes with one of the four users, it starts on another user.

You can monitor the progress of initial synchronization in the Mobility Admin console. For instructions, see Monitoring User Status and Monitoring Device Status in the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Administration Guide.

IMPORTANT:You should complete initial synchronization before you notify users to configure their mobile devices. Initial synchronization can take a substantial amount of time, depending on the amount of data to synchronize.

Occasionally, initial synchronization fails, and troubleshooting is required. For assistance, see Device Troubleshooting in the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Administration Guide.

3.5.2 Helping Mobile Device Users Understand Synchronization

Connecting to the Mobility system requires that Users correctly configure their mobile devices.

To help them, we strongly recommend that you do one or both of the following:

3.5.3 Testing Synchronization

To test GroupWise synchronization with mobile devices:

  1. Test GroupWise data synchronization by logging in to your GroupWise mailbox and sending yourself an email message.

  2. Reply to the message from your mobile device.

    If the message synchronizes to your mobile device and the reply on your mobile device synchronizes back to GroupWise, your basic Mobility system is up and running.

  3. (Conditional) If the message does not synchronize successfully, see the following troubleshooting resources:

    In this GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Installation Guide:

    In the GroupWise Mobility Service 18 Administration Guide:

  4. To customize and expand your Mobility system, see What’s Next.