3.6 Integrating with Mobile Device Management Applications

The GroupWise Mobility Service can be used with mobile device management (MDM) applications to manage your mobile devices. Because GroupWise Mobility Service 18 supports ActiveSync 16.0, it can be used any MDM solution that supports ActiveSync 16.0.

To configure Mobility to use an MDM, populate the Mobility Admin console > Config > General > MDM Server field with the IP address of your MDM server.

If you are using Micro Focus ZENworks Mobile Management, follow the steps in Using Micro Focus ZENworks Mobile Management for detailed instructions on configuring ZENworks Mobile Management and Mobility.

3.6.1 Using Micro Focus ZENworks Mobile Management

When you configure ZENworks Mobile Management to work with your Mobility system, all of the powerful features of ZENworks Mobile Management are available for managing the mobile devices of your GroupWise users.

  1. Follow the instructions in Configuring an ActiveSync Server and Connecting to a New ActiveSync Server in the ZENworks Mobile Management Reference.

    NOTE:Micro Focus ZENworks Mobile Management is a mobile device management solution that provides centralized management and control of mobile devices throughout your enterprise network. For complete information, see the ZENworks Mobile Management Reference on the ZENworks Documentation website.

  2. Ensure that your GroupWise mobile device users have been added to ZENworks Mobile Management.

  3. Configure your Mobility system with information about ZENworks Mobile Management:

    1. In the Mobility Admin console, click Config.

    2. On the General page, scroll down to the MDM Server field.

    3. Specify the IP address of the ZENworks Mobile Management server where you provided information about your Mobility server.

    4. (Conditional) If you configured multiple ZENworks Mobile Management servers with information about your Mobility server, specify the IP addresses in a comma-delimited list.

    5. Click Save to save the new setting(s).

    6. Restart the Mobility Service:

      gms restart
  4. View the GroupWise mobile device users that have been added to ZENworks Mobile Management:

    1. From the ZENworks Mobile Management Dashboard, click Users.

    2. Scroll horizontally to view various types of information about GroupWise users and their mobile devices, including the following:

      • Time of last synchronization

      • Phone number

      • Mobile device model

      • Mobile device operating system and version

  5. Verify that the configuration is successful:

    1. In the Mobility Admin console, click Users, and then click a user who has a device to add.

    2. Add the new device through ZENworks Mobile Management.

    3. When the device appears on the User/Device Actions page, verify that it has _zmm appended to the device ID.

      The _zmm on the device ID shows that the user connected the device to your Mobility system through ZENworks Mobile Management.

      If you require existing mobile device users to re-add their devices through ZENworks Mobile Management, they initially have two device IDs, one with _zmm and one without. This prevents ZENworks Mobile Management requests from conflicting with regular device requests. The old device ID disappears from the User/Device Actions page in about a month.