1.0 GroupWise SDK Concepts

The GroupWise SDK consists of various strategic components that work together to give you a complete and robust environment for extending GroupWise functionality.

The GroupWise architecture enhances communication by treating any electronically captured information as a basic element—called a message—regardless of its format. With GroupWise, the way information is captured is not important. The key to making that information valuable lies in how it can be easily organized, shared, preserved, and accessed.

You might also be interested in Formativ, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for GroupWise, which abstracts the GroupWise APIs and makes customizing and enhancing GroupWise even easier. Formativ's IDE is integrated directly into GroupWise and appears as a natural extension of the GroupWise client. It gives you the power to develop a wide range of applications, enhancements, and utilities for GroupWise with less coding and less effort than before. For more information on Micro Focus's long-time partners and their Formativ product, see the Advansys Web site.

This section describes the GroupWise architecture and explains GroupWise terminology that may be unfamiliar to new users, including the following: