2.7 Obsolete Components

These components are no longer applicable in GroupWise 14 and later:

2.7.1 Administrative Object API

The Administrative Object API (Admin API) is similar to the Object API, except that it applies it to GroupWise administration information. You can use the Admin API through OLE languages such as Visual Basic, Delphi, and object-oriented languages, such as C++. The Admin API supports OLE Automation, an industry standard for interfacing applications.

See the GroupWise Administrative Object SDK.

2.7.2 MAPI

The Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI 1.0) is a set of object-oriented functions that provide messaging capabilities. Mail-enabled applications use MAPI to create, transfer, and store messages, as well as handle complex addressing information. MAPI objects are data structures that support a set of properties and comply with the OLE component object model (COM), which requires that objects support one or more interfaces, or sets of functions.

See the GroupWise MAPI SDK.

2.7.3 WebAccess Customization (GroupWise 8 only)

If you're using the GroupWise 8 WebAccess program to access your GroupWise mailbox and calendar through the Internet, WebAccess Customization lets you modify the HTML source files to include your own graphics or company information. You can also use this component to enhance the WebAccess UI by creating additional calendar views.

See the GroupWise WebAccess Customization SDK.